How the Moon Affects Us

We are all aware that the moon has phases, but we may not be aware of how these phases affect many aspects of our lives. The moon has a 29 1/2-day cycle, during which it goes through four major phases: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and last quarter moon. In each of these phases, the shape of the moon that is visible to us is affected by the moon’s angle to the sun. The moon grows in light at the new moon until it becomes a full moon. Then the moon decreases in light until it becomes the next new moon. The moon travels about one degree every two hours. As it moves through its phases, it also moves through the signs, spending about two and a half days in each sign.

Most of us know that the moon affects the tides. But it also affects all liquids on earth, including our bodily fluids. We tend to retain more water during a full moon and, because our skull is unable to expand when fluid pressure increases, the excess water is sometimes manifested in “full moon madness.” In addition, one of our three primary biorhythmic cycles, our 29-day emotional cycle, is a based on the moon.

Lunar observations, occurring over thousands of years, have shown that the phases of the moon have a profound affect on our lives. Your lunar high occurs when the moon is in the same sign as your sun sign. This is when you feel your best, and it is a good time to start new projects. Your lunar low occurs when the moon is in the sign opposite your sun sign. This is when you may feel at your lowest, and it is best not to make decisions. In addition, you may run into obstacles in projects in which you are already involved.

We will truly be more in tune with the universe if we understand what the phases of the moon mean for us. The new moon begins in darkness and slowly emerges as a crescent shape. This moon is the beginning of everything, and it is a good time to begin new endeavors or to put your plans in motion.

The first quarter moon is also known as the half moon because this is how we see it. During this moon phase, there is a lot going on, and this is when you may encounter obstacles or challenges to what you began in the new moon. However, if these challenges are met, then this phase will see your endeavors through to completion. A full moon occurs when the moon is exactly opposite to the sun. This is a moon of high energy, the highest peak before it begins to wane. During this phase, your activities are brought to fruition and you will see the results of your efforts. Even if things have not gone well, during this phase, you will suddenly see clearly what was wrong.

The last quarter moon is the midpoint of the moon’s waning phase. This phase marks a time to retreat. This time should be used to assess, diagnose, learn from your mistakes, make corrections, wind down, and prepare for the next cycle. This is most true during the moon’s dark night, known as a balsamic moon, which occurs right before the moon begins its cycle anew. During a balsamic moon, psychic energy is at its peak.

Another very important phase is the void of course moon, one whose energy is spent. This is a moon that has made its last major aspect to the other planets until it moves into the next sign. This is a period when it is best not to begin anything. A void of course moon is a time of gestation, when one should engage in rest and research. If decisions are made at this time, nothing will come of them or unexpected problems will occur that can prevent successful completion of the actions stemming from the decision. By “listening” to what the moon is telling us, we can all become happier and more successful.

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