Unlocking the Mysteries of Jade Stone: A Fascinating Journey into its Origins, Properties, and Uses :

jade stone

Introduction: The Enigmatic Beauty of Jade Stone Jade stone, also known as the “emerald of the East,” has captivated humanity for centuries with its enigmatic beauty and rich cultural significance. This precious gemstone holds a prominent place in various cultures around the world, revered for its stunning color variations and mystical properties. The history of …

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Cats Eye stone

Cats Eye stone

The cats eye stone is considered a highly prized and rare gemstone. This is a luminous band designed in the shape of an eye. It is somewhat greenish and is considered a variety of cymophane. This gemstone comes up with various benefits and facts which should be known before its usage. It not only comes …

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The Cat’s Eye

Indian Vedic astrology has largely benefitted people who seek answers to overcome challenges and improve their life. It has been a valuable asset and an important part of Indian tradition since ages. Astrology has various types of remedies and off course, gemstone is one of them. There are many types of gemstones like precious and …

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Baltic Amber

baltic amber

Amber is a translucent to opaque yellow, golden or orange gemstone, usually warm to the touch and much, much lighter than one would expect of a gemstone. It is not a stone in the truest sense–rather it is fossilized resin from trees common about 50 million years ago. Amber is sometimes called electrum as Amber produces static electricity when …

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Feroza Stone (Turquoise) Benefits and Effects


Turquoise (Firoza in Hindi) is a blue, somewhat blue green semi valuable gemstone assortment of the mineral Phosphate, having numerous visionary advantages. History of Turquoise Gemstone Turquoise is the most old stone known to the human development. A stone worn and utilized by Pharaohs, Aztecs, and antiquated warriors has numerous stories related with it. Turquoise …

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