Feroza Stone (Turquoise) Benefits and Effects

Turquoise (Firoza in Hindi) is a blue, somewhat blue green semi valuable gemstone assortment of the mineral Phosphate, having numerous visionary advantages.

History of Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise is the most old stone known to the human development. A stone worn and utilized by Pharaohs, Aztecs, and antiquated warriors has numerous stories related with it. Turquoise is known to have entranced people since 200 BC. Legends say that Turquoise was broadly used to shield its wearers from tumbling off their stallions while battling fights. Indians too had confidence in the defensive properties of this gemstone and used to decorate their bows with turquoise so the bolts discharged from them generally hit the objectives.

This embodiment of awesome serenity has an energetic vibe that aides in spreading joy and flourishing in the life of its wearer. Its name originates from a French word ‘Pierre Turquin’ which implies – a dull blue hued stone. Regardless of whether it is Good wellbeing or mental congruity and thriving, this sub-stone (Up-ratna) gives everything in wealth to its wearers. (See: Turquoise Stone Properties)

Summary :
Other Names(Firoza, Haritashm, Peroj
Hardness on Moh’s Scale7.5-8
CategoryPhosphate Mineral
Ruling Heavenly BodyJupiter
OriginChina, Egypt, North America, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia,  Afghanistan,Tibet, and France

What are the advantages of Turquoise (Firoza)

At the point when put on the third eye chakra, it animates recognition and expands center in a man. At the point when set on the Throat chakra (pendant), it helps the wearer in conquering restraints. It gives lucidity, exactness and articulation to the internal considerations of its wearer.

Turquoise is viewed as an unadulterated stone. Thus, it spares the wearer from incidents and savagery while likewise decreasing mental anxiety.

It is particularly gainful for the individuals who work at high heights and are identified with fields like Films, form, TV, adornments, bookkeeping, law, instruction and garments. Individuals working in the training and inventive part, similar to educators, creators, researchers and understudies and so forth additionally advantage a great deal.

One unmistakable quality that Turquoise should have is that it changes its shading and loses gloss if the wearer is presented to physical and mental dangers, e.g. traitorousness.

It associates its wearer with most profound sense of being and causes him/her in making beneficent gifts and profitable consumption. It braces one’s confidence in Karmic fate (great deeds bring favorable luck).

An ideal present for companions, the special necklaces made with Turquoise reinforce connections and go about as a defensive shield for the wearer.

Turquoise has noteworthy recuperating properties and guarantee general physical wellness. It upgrades insusceptibility and wipes out contamination perpetrated illnesses. Issues like asthma, abundance liquor addiction, despondency, hypertension, headaches, viral diseases, or the effect of poisons can be effectively battled with Turquoise stone.

It is an ideal friend for the individuals who travel a great deal. It shields them from robberies, mischances, or any undesirable rates.

Turquoise helps in keeping up strength and accord in wedded life by implanting profound comprehension in accomplices.

It is an astounding solution for state of mind swings, uneasiness, and fits of anxiety. It additionally prompts tissue recovery and body reinforcing for a more advantageous body and soul.

Price and Quality

The nature of turquoise relies on its shading, brilliance. The hardness of the pearls additionally separates its quality. The brighter ones are the most costly. As gems, the charges are the most elevated. The cut, shape and carat likewise characterize its quality.

Accessibility and Substitute

The gemstone turquoise is mined. It is accessible in Iran, California, New York and Sinai. A few attributes of turquoise are additionally found in China, Tibet, New Mexico, Virginia, Nevada, Utah, Afghanistan, and Northern Chile and Australia too.

Persia precious stones are ideal substitutes of turquoise. Henceforth, it can be utilized as an option of turquoise (firoza).

firoza gemstone finger

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) and Turquoise (Firoza) stones should wear in index finger for astrology purpose in form of Ring.

Turquoise is a stone for planet Jupiter which is otherwise called Guru or Brihaspati and it ought to be wear in Index finger (for Profession) which is controlled by Jupiter and Ring finger (for Personal) which is managed by Sun.