Baltic Amber

Amber is a translucent to opaque yellow, golden or orange gemstone, usually warm to the touch and much, much lighter than one would expect of a gemstone. It is not a stone in the truest sense–rather it is fossilized resin from trees common about 50 million years ago. Amber is sometimes called electrum as Amber produces static electricity when rubbed. Amber gets its name from the Greek AmbrosiaNote! Almost all of our suppliers are from the Baltic Region. Heat treating is undetectable in most cases, so please assume this natural Amber may have been heat-treated.

Mystical Properties: The beautiful warm color of Amber Jewelry and the ease with which it can be worked has made it popular since the Stone Ages.

To the Norse, Amber was the golden tears of the Goddess Freya that fell into the sea and solidified.

Others believe Amber to be the tears of Heliads grieving for her dead brother Phaethon, who had fallen into the River Eridanos. The sun is said to have hardened the tears into Amber.

Polish legends ascribe Amber to human tears from the forty-day rain.

A Kashubian legend says Amber was created from very loud lightning storms.

Homer mentions Amber in his writings, attributing great desirability and value to the golden gems.

To the ancient Greeks, Amber came from the apples of immortality (hence the name, Amber from the Greek ambrotos, meaning ambrosia). From this legend, Amber was believed to instill protection to its wearer and increase longevity. The Romans picked up on this, believing Amber a first rate protector, so much so, the Roman Gladiators adorned their shields and weapons with it.

In Christianity, Amber is thought to be tears shed by birds at Christ’s death.

Ancient Germans called Amber bernstein, meaning burning stone. When burned, it will still give off a pine scent (50 million years later!), and so was used as an incense.

Amber is thought to help an out of balance Sacral Chakra (2nd). Natural Healers will sometimes use it to smudge (cleanse), as when burned, the smoke is said to carry away pain and problems.

Amber is the gem of Germany, Romania, and Sicily and those of Germanic, Romanian and Sicilian descent.

Said to favor those named Ambrose and Anne.

Dreaming of Amber is said to indicate an upcoming voyage.

Healing Properties: Most commonly Amber is said to help with sore throats, swollen glands, and fevers–possibly because of its ability to hold heat.

Scientific Properties: Amber is not a true crystalline mineral, rather it is of organic origin, being the fossilized sap of pine trees common about 40-50 millions years ago.

The most extensive deposits of Baltic Amber are found in the blue muds of the Sambian Peninsula and by the Bay of Gdansk.

Found all over the world, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Borneo, but the most valued Amber usually comes from the Baltic region. Has piezoelectric properties (i.e., rub it and it produces static electricity). Hardness: 4 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale

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