Your Birthday’s Gemstone and What It Says About You

For years, astrologers have always associated a birthstone with every individual in accordance with his birth date. So, what is meant by this and what is the central concept behind this idea?

Complete Birthstone Birthday Gemstone Chart Your Birthdays Gemstone and What It Says About You  

Well, the answer for this would be luck. These birthstones are known to carry either good luck or bad luck. This is the main reason why people are advised to choose the birthstone right for them.

During the ancient times, people believed that these birthstones are known to be very powerful. So, people were so cautious in wearing the wrong stone because it may cause a great disaster to them. If you want to know your birthstone and you want to wear it as accessory, check out the following:

January Birthstones

The birthstones for those who were born this month are garnet and rose quartz. The former symbolizes health, prosperity, perseverance and strength while the former is a symbol of emotional balance and forgiveness.

February Birthstones

If you are born in February, the right birthstones for you are amethyst and onyx. The former I a symbol of security, sobriety, spirituality and wisdom while the latter is known as the stone for comfort and relaxation.

March Birthstones

The people who were born this month need to get bloodstone and aquamarine because they represent beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness and endurance.

April Birthstones

Diamond which symbolizes eternal love, purity, clarity and invincibility and rock crystal which symbolizes energy, clarity and balance are two of the April birthstones.

May Birthstones

The two birthstones designed for those who were born in May are emerald and chrysoprase. The former is said to attract vibes of foresight, understanding and patience while the latter symbolizes secrecy6 and fertility.

June Birthstones

The three birthstones for the month of June are Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. Alexandrite is believed to embody joy, confidence and balance. Moonstone is also known to attract vibes of tender passion, god fortune and balance. Meanwhile, pearl is perfect for a lady because it embodies happiness, beauty, purity and modesty.

July Birthstones

People who were born in the month of July should have ruby and carnelian. The former is a symbol for promise, passion, integrity, success while the former is designed for travelers because it is a sign of luck and safety.

August Birthstones

If you are born this month, t you need to purchase peridot and sardonyx. If you are an ambitious person, the right stone for you is the former because it attracts success, protection, dignity and fame. Do you want to feel relaxed all the time? Then the right stone for you is the latter because of the fact that it symbolizes relaxation and security.

September Birthstones

So, you are born in September. Then, the right stones for you are sapphire and lapis.

October Birthstones

Opal and tourmaline are the prominent birthstones for the month of October. The former gives a spirit of confidence, faith and hope while the latter attracts vibes of safety, endurance and balance.

November Birthstones

Two of the stones that represent the people born this month are citrine and topaz. These stones are designed for people who want to attract vibes of strength and cheerfulness.

December Birthstones

For those who were born in the month of December, the stones designed for them are tanzanite, zircon and turquoise.
Now that you already know the gem for your birth date, you should get it now. It will surely make your overall appearance stand out in the crowd.

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