Turquoise Gemstone to Be Worn In Which Finger

Turquoise gemstone is an opaque stone that is considered for protection and prosperity. It is one of the
most ancient stones associated with spiritual concord. Its color ranges from blue to green and is popular
for bringing peace and luck. To get its maximum benefits, you should know its astrological wearing and
wear it accordingly. The turquoise stone is associated with the planet Jupiter and should be worn on the
index finger (professional) and on the ring finger (personal). However, knowing the right finger is not
enough; many other things must be considered while wearing it.

In which finger turquoise should be worn

The turquoise stone should be worn as per astrological wearing so that you can avail of its benefits. The
valuable turquoise stone has a smooth and solid color with soothing and calming energy. This stone is
ruled by the planet Jupiter, also known as “guru or Brihaspati,” and it is worn on the index finger for
professional purposes. And for personal purposes, it should be worn on the ring finger, which is ruled by
the sun. The turquoise, most of the time, is also called feroza stone.

Which finger is best for Feroza ?

A specific time for wearing a feroza stone should be considered while wearing it. Now there comes the
question many people ask which finger to wear feroza. Or can feroza be worn on the middle finger? Or
can we wear feroza in left hand? The answer to these is given as per astrology which should be
followed correctly. The feroza stone is worn on a specific day and should be worn in the ring and on the
index finger according to different purposes. The stone cannot be worn in the left hand. It should always
be worn on the right hand and can be worn on the right hand’s middle finger, also.

Feroza stone suitable for which star

As different stones are made for different stars or zodiac signs, so is the feroza stone. So this stone
should be worn by the people with Sagittarius as their sun sign. Besides this, many other people like
actors and businessmen can also wear it as it is beneficial for them in various ways. So always wear the
gemstones as per the right star and zodiac sign.

Who can wear feroza stone ?

  • The gemstones are made for specific people and different zodiac signs.
  • Basically, the feroza stone is worn by the people with Sagittarius as their sun sign.
  • It is also recommended for people who need marital happiness and other marital-related issues.
  • It’s considered very effective for these people. It is also good for businessmen, surgeons, orother professionals as it can help them in numerous ways.

Which day to wear feroza gemstone ?

Now along with the right finger, the right day and time are also considered while wearing the turquoise
or feroza stone. Friday is considered the aptest day to wear this gemstone. But the days, Thursday and
Saturday, are considered appropriate. It should be worn in the early morning, which is the most
auspicious time for its wearing.

Mantra for wearing feroza

This gemstone is to be worn by chanting a mantra or prayer. This mantra is associated with or dedicated
to Lord Krishna and should be chanted both before and after wearing it. Doing so will help more
effectively in achieving the benefits of good health, wealth, and positive energy. Thus by chanting
prayer, you can benefit from the purest form of this gemstone.

Feroza stone benefits

 The turquoise or feroza stone comes up with numerous benefits which offer you an amazing
 It helps in eliminating a lot of health-related issues, such as asthma, depression, migraine,
infections, etc. this also helps as an amazing remedy for anxiety and panic attacks.
 It is helpful in bringing peace and happiness and gives you calm and soothing vibes.
 It is also advantageous in enhancing money and fame.
 It strengthens marital relations and solves other marriage-related issues.

Feroza stone side effects

The feroza stone comes up with a lot of advantages and thus has no side effects. But, of course, there
are many other gemstones that have some disadvantages and side effects. But this comes up with only
benefits in many ways, which is one of the best things about this gemstone. Thus this makes it different
from other stones.
The turquoise stone is considered one of the best gemstones in the astrology world. This is because of
its many benefits and its no side effects. If you believe in astrological things and are interested in
wearing gemstones, this would be a good one for you. Just know some of the basics and prime things
while wearing this, and you can avail a number of benefits. This could be termed as the best thing for
changing your lifestyle for betterment.