Most Expensive Gemstones the World Has Seen

A pebble is just a worthless stone but there are stones that make a mark to the world because of their billion dollar value. These stones are referred to as precious stones that are used as jewelries and adornments. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive gemstones the world has ever seen? If you would like to feed your curiosity and gain knowledge, just read on.

blue diamond

Blue diamond is rich and powerful having a dark mystique. These are just some of the best factors that made it on top.

There are also great histories behind this world-class diamond. The world-famous Hope Diamond, which is a 45.52 carat grey-blue gem was passed down through the ages by King Louis XIV of France, Marie Antoinette and Evalyn Walsh McClean. It is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

Apart from the blue diamond, there are other expensive precious stones. They are as follows:


This is one of the most breath-taking minerals on earth which was discovered in Guatemala and in other Californian sites. The price of the jadeite jewelry was set in November 1997 in Christie’s Hong Kong sale and it was sold for US$9.3 million.


The color of this gem which was found in Madagascar is blue-green. But the clean faceted specimen was found in Sri Lanka. The name of this rare gem was derived from the French historian and explorer Alfred Grandidier. The price of this rare precious gem can reach up to millions.


This is one of the world’s most valuable and expensive gemstones that was named after the Bohemian-Irish gemologist named Edward Taaffe. This stone features a double refraction which is not a natural characteristic of a spinel. The monetary value of this gem is incalculable.


This gemstone is believed to be the rarest mineral on earth which was first discovered in Myanmar by the British mineralogist named Arthur C.D. But when pain rediscovered it in the 1950s, it was named after him. This is one of the most valuable precious stones that the world has ever seen.

These are some of the most expensive gemstones that the world has ever seen. They are the great stones that the earth’s crust has been endowed with. If you would like to collect the most expensive stones, you already know what to collect. But of course, you need to go through several challenges and you need to travel the world as well.

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