How to use astrology to your advantage

How to use astrology to your advantage. Astrology can help us solve almost all problems of our lives like relationship, career, finance, education . Astrology connects your outer world to your inner world to reveal your potentials, strengths, and challenges. It enables you to know what you need to learn. Astrology also can help you predict what you might do next. We all have more control over our lives than we realize, but much of it is given over to our unconscious. How much conscious control we have depends on how aware we are of our issues, strengths, and challenges. Astrology can reveal things about you that you may not have been aware of, such as why you have a tendency to be shy or why you have difficulty with authority figures. Such awareness puts more of your life under your control. Once you are in control, you are in better position to predict what you will do.

Astrology is comprised of a number of different branches, including medical, vocational, relationship, financial, and changing where you live. Through these branches, astrology can guide you in such areas as health, career, relationships, investing, and relocating. Let’s look at how each branch of astrology can contribute to better understanding ourselves.

Medical astrology is based on the association between sun signs and parts of the body. Medical astrology can inform you about your metabolic nature, the types of food that are helpful or harmful to you, and the areas that need to be considered for you to maintain optimal health.

Vocational astrology is based on an assessment of our needs, personality traits, capabilities, and talents. Through this assessment, vocational astrology can let you know the type of work you would find rewarding.

Relationship astrology is one of the most fascinating areas. Our relationships are based on how the planets, signs, and houses in our birth chart interact with the planets, signs, and houses in others’ birth charts. Relationship astrology can tell you how compatible you are with certain other people, taking into consideration each person’s individuality and the type of relationship that you share with that person.

Financial astrology uses the cycles of planets to determine the best investment strategies, and the cycles of companies to determine which will be the most and the least profitable. J.P. Morgan, a famous turn of the century financier, used astrology to time his business investments. You can use financial astrology to develop your investment portfolio.

Finally, there is relocation astrology, in which your birth chart is done for your time and day of birth, but for a location other than your birthplace. Relocation astrology can help you determine what types of experiences you would have in certain places. Then, depending on the location, you may be in a better position to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

You may already read your daily horoscope in the newspaper or your monthly horoscope in a magazine. These forecasts, however, are drawn only from your sun signs and are very general. Your sun sign is only one component feature of your chart, which actually contains at least 40 different elements. Because of the nearly infinite ways these 40 elements can be mixed or matched, each person’s full chart is very different from another person’s.

Knowing that your own chart is unique, you would want to find an astrologer who could provide you with your personal chart reading. While you may be tempted to call one of the astrological hot lines, you should bear in mind that these hot lines are often staffed with people who may know only some astrology, but generally not enough to be considered astrologers. Thus, it is best to go to an actual astrologer, who should prepare and study your chart and current cycles before meeting with you.

A good alternative to a personal consultation is to use a computer program or Internet service to interpret your personal chart. Because astrologers’ knowledge and methods are embedded in these automatic programs, your results can be accurate and rewarding.