cats eye

Cats Eye

Many stones can display “chatoyancy” or the “cat’s eye effect”. The most valuable of these is the rare, precious and highly valued Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. Usually gray, green or brown, the most highly valued is the green variety. There are, of course, less expensive chatoyant or Eye Gemstones such as Tiger Eye (Yellow/Brown) or Hawk’s Eye (Gray). See a nice write up on the Mystical Properities, Legends and Science on this Gemstone.

Mystical Properties: Considered very lucky for gamblers, it should be cleansed regularly by leaving it in the sunlight or moonlight or a few days.

In Eastern Astrology, Cat’s Eyes are ruled by Ketu (the Moon’s South Node), which has correlation in Western Astrology, however is considered less important.

Traditional gift for the 39th Wedding Anniversary.

Said to favor women named Catherine and men named Cornelius.

Said to favor those born on Thursday.

To dream of Cat’s Eyes means you may face betrayal and danger.

The national Gemstone of Ceylon.

Healing Properties: Said to help heal eye problems. Thought to open the heart to goodness and charitable deeds.

Scientific Properties: The valuable “cats eye” gem is composed of Chrysoberyl (Beryllium Aluminum Oxide). A cut across a striation causes the “eye” effect.

Most commonly found in Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Brazil, South India and Burma. Chrysoberyl variety Hardness: 8.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale.

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